Sunday, September 01, 2013

very brief 2013 summer round-up

(I just updated this post on 04.09. because it was really lacking in photos!)

It's nearly the end of the 3 month summer break! William starts kindergarden on Tuesday September 3rd and Emma starts school on Friday (really????)

So what have we been up to?

In July the kids enjoyed French summer camp before we headed off to Switzerland just in time for Emma's 6th birthday.
Emma blowing her candles out

Emma is 6 years old!!

Emma and William in arms

Auntie Tata-yéyé, William and Emma on Nonna's balcony

We then took a mini-break from Geneva in the South of France where we visited more family but more kids this time with cousins T L & S.

After a few more days in Geneva where we enjoyed some more friends and sun...
We headed back to sunny - and windy - Greece to visit Skiathos for the first time. It's a lovely green island that reminded me a lot of Croatia. Despite the wind which meant we did not get to discover caves and alcoves with boats, we enjoyed the beach where I actually managed to read half a book (!!!) while the kids played with other kids and jumped from piers and giant inflatable seats.

A view from our hotel on Skiathos.

the beach just 3 minutes from the hotel 
where we spent all week relaxing and where Emma and William met 
lots of other children who also loved jumping and climbing...
the water was gorgeous...
the beach quite small and cosy...
the water was super clear...
the beer refreshing...
the company good...

the food yummy!!!

even the fish were into giving SPA treatments

After a two weeks back in Athens we headed off to Poros for our last bit of hols before school.

Since May we have been to Rhodes, Santorini, Paros, Poros, Skiathos (as well as Switzerland and France) and we are booked to go to Hydra soon when the above-mentioned Tata-yéyé comes to visit in October with Greg. Phew!!!

Now, finally school is about to begin with Orientation days and by next week, school life should be rolling...

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