Monday, September 18, 2006

After the power cuts...

't was an eventful weekend for us!

To celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary (Jeez! already!!!!) we decided to be brave, romantic and get cozy all at once, by lighting a fire in our fireplace for the first time!
To be honest, we were weary doing this, seeing as our neighbors told us horror stories of their house- so cautious we were. However - no hiccups whatsoever, no back smoke, nothing fell into the fire from the chimney, ... nope it all went fine.

Until 1h30am when a whooshing sound woke me up - my husband is always making fun of my ultra sensitive amygdala & limbic system, but haha! Am I glad it's alive and well 'cause hubs and dog were snoring away while I rose out of bed... to place my feet in centimeters of water!
No, it wasn't the fire brigade putting out our flaming home!

The boiler had burst!
Hot water was splashing out of a waving tube, bouncing off the door of the laundry room, onto the floor, swimming along the corridor, all the way to our room.
As it turns out - we were lucky. Had it happened during the day time, the whole house would have been flooded, with no one around to notice. (We estimated that the water had been running for a maximum of twenty minutes).

All is well that ends well. We had the boiler repaired this morning and were hot-water-showered by mid-day. Plus, we both took the day off to get this done. Sweet.

This evening, when we lit the fireplace again, more confidently this time around, we were stunned by another whooshing sound... bats! In our living room, swerving around the air in rapid circles.
Maybe this fireplace thing ain't such a good idea after all...

Happy anniversary to us!


Ania said...

Bats can carry rabies. My husband had to get 5 rabies shots several years ago. He tried to catch bat at home and got bit. I hope you have been carefull.

Sandra said...

Thanks for the info Ania. I'm even more glad we managed to keep away from them now! A friend of mine actually got a bat tangled in her long, curly hair once! We just ducked right down, opened all the windows - choosing the mosquitoes over bats - until they obliged and left. But wow! they fly fast and really circle you in a pretty scary way!

nora said...

While reading this post, I was feeling really sympathetic for you regarding the flood...until you kind of casually mentioned having BATS in your living room!!!! Then I felt Horrified!!!

nora said...


Sandra said...

Hey Nora! Thanks!!!! -for the happy anniversary! As for the bats, well luckily, they weren't around for very long, better still they haven't come back.