Saturday, September 16, 2006

Low birth rate resolved the easy way

Learning from Turkey, how can Europe resolve low birth rate?

Often we look for complicated schemes, government incentives, sponsored baby-care... I say, try power cuts! Simple, efficient, low cost.

One in the morning, when people are about to make coffee, shower, dry their hair... -and all they want to do is get back into bed - you just give them that extra push.
One in the evening, but not too late, just when they would normally be washing the dishes, watching TV, or browsing the web, so they're tired, but not exhausted!

After all, don't stats and medical journals show there are baby booms 9 months after power cuts? I say it's worth a try!


adam said...

I dunno if it was 1973 or 1974 (before u were born I know) but there was a birth explosion in the UK when we went through a winter of power cuts. So u been having cuts? I love them!@!

Semavi Lady said...

LOL, strategic power outs -- that's something I hadn't thought about before.