Sunday, September 10, 2006

Turkish textile gets popular support

Switzerland, being one of the least patriotic countries I've ever lived in, always surprised me with the number of flags hung on national holidays...But the Turks here, are totally in another league.

See, in Switzerland, flags are hung by the authorities on bridges and official buildings. The only flags I've ever seen on people's private windows are "PEACE" flags (except maybe during the World Cup where all sorts come out).

Turks however, are fully on board when it comes to national holidays! Have you ever seen so many flags?!

Today, September 9th, Izmir celebrates the 1922 "evacuation" of Greeks from Smyrna (Izmir) who
administered the city and region for three years following the Treaty of Sèvres (1919). Four days later, on September 13th, a four day fire all but destroyed the city, paving the way to it's current concrete waterfront.

So today, Izmir is screaming with flags to celebrate both Ataturk - pictured on a lot of the flags - and liberation from the Greeks....and they're not forgetting their growing textile industry.
Even their brides are patriotic!


ania said...

When Poland was still under communism rule, having flag during holiday hanging from the window was mandatory. People in appartments or houses without flag displayed were fined (and I am talking serious money). I bet western tourist didn't know about it seeing it. Are you sure that this is genuine patriotism?

Insp. Slipovic said...

Not that I am an expert on the subject, but having read and heard a couple of things here and there, it seems that this is genuine patriotism. Too keep a long story short, when Ataturk "created" Turkey on to ruins of the Ottoman Empire, patriotism was "used" to cement the nation, enabling to hold together a great mix of cultures. Today, patriotism still plays a very important role in the society and the eduction system. As one of my turkish friend told me recently, "Turkey might not be the greatest country in some aspects, but deep in our heart, we are the number one, at least that what's we have been taught."

Ania said...

Thanks for explanation :)