Friday, November 24, 2006

Art Thou Art?

Art is different things to different people.

Some like to be swept off their feet by it, stirred deep within. Others expect art to be provocative and challenging; to comment or rebel thus carrying a socio-political mission. Others still, need it to be beautiful and pleasant to live with, or on the contrary represent nothing but another smart investment.
And of course, you may have all of the above expectations although probably not from the same piece of art.

Art, whatever your expectations of it, is spreading to/ appearing on/ using (all depends on your definition of art) more and more media, from the very mundane and practical to the truly innovative and weird. Theoretically, there's nothing new to this, in fact I'm sure every generation comments on how now-days art is no longer what it used to be and how can a can of beans/ electronic noise/ swirvy incoherent colors or dots/ be art?


No intention of trying to define art. I just wanted to share an interesting concept I have come across, which in its form is commonly accepted to be art (a photograph, sculpture or painting) but is in fact a reproduction of individual human blueprints.

The stuff that not-so-long-ago showed tiny, if key, differences in between what makes a human, human and not a chimp. The stuff that enabled the cloning of Dolly. The stuff that in
the movie Gattaca would allow you to choose your profession or lead you to a pre-defined destiny. The stuff you inherit and that if insurance companies have their way, will cost you loads in coverage that will no longer be prophylactic if they find you carry a cancer gene...the stuff that makes you, specifically, scientifically, you - your DNA.

Now you can have a portrait of your DNA in your living room! Or your partner's. Or have them sitting side-by-side.

It's innovative, it's funky, it's colorful and supposedly what makes you, you. Is it art? or


Anonymous said...

I've seen this several times this year. Really cool stuff. Looks like that Netherlands DNA-ART.NL company is pathetically trying to copy DNA 11...I was hoping they would be less expensive- turns out they are more expensive! LOL

Adam said...

I was kind of hoping to see wonderful helixes but, ok, i get it. I could maybe get interested I suppose. Might try it out as an expo at the new gallery....could be a laugh for people. Anyway, interesting post. Here, it is hot, and hot, and hot, and hot....get the picture? Have a fun weekend and say hi to to Steph.