Friday, November 03, 2006

Cold and intoxicated

Since I'm on my own - hubs being on a business trip including most of the week-end - (lucky him) I've decided to share my oh so positive thoughts with, well, whoever is reading...

It's 8° degrees INSIDE since the heating is not working.
in my best Turkish, I will try to get it to work. I'm a much happier person with a warm tush. But tonight, I'm practically sitting in the fireplace.

Now, I know 8°C isn't
that cold, but try sitting at 8°C degrees for hours and then tell me that it's not that cold. And yes, had we moved to Russia, it would be much colder, but when I was last there, the heating worked.

Thankfully, at the moment, the electricity is on, which means I have light, water, and TV! Hurrah! My standards are getting lower by the minute.

On top of that, my dog has once again managed to swipe a whole slab of Swiss chocolate, if you please. He is now having a hard time digesting it, resulting in a farting bout that is truly unfathomable. So not only is the air cold, it is also smelly. His toxicity also means I cannot let him be the warm and wonderful foot-heater he can be. Umph.

That'll do for now.
Tomorrow is another day....


Brooke said...

Oh Yugowife, I am sorry you are suffering, but I am happy you wrote about it because it had me doubled over in laughter.

I'm with you, there is nothing worse than suffering alone in the stinky cold. I hope today is a better day.

J. said...

Oh, girl, I hear you with the whole dog-gas thing. Mine makes "Walter, the Farting Dog," seem mild. And our heating is out, too. The stars must be alligned...