Saturday, March 01, 2008

Moving on up and out

Basically, an update on here we go again, AGAIN:
  • the latest is a leak from our bedroom bathroom to the flat downstairs
  • the coordinator came by and explained that
  1. it would require 7-10 days work
  2. they would need to basically demolish our bathroom
  3. they would be happy to send us to a spa hotel to recover and relax
  • opposite us an apartment whose bathtub has been filling up with rain while sitting on the terrace, its kitchen cabinets and furniture stored on the landing while the floor is stripped open by desperate plumbers trying to find the source of the leak... this never ends!
  • more neighbors moved to a hotel -these people bought their place! so all things relative we are lucky!!!
Need I say more than WE ARE MOVING OUT OF HERE!?? Because no matter the compensation, the niceties, the motivated repairmen and skilled working crew, we will never be sure that next week/month/trimester something else won't urgently require seeing to and I have no intention -at least for now, of taking up baumeister-ing as a new career choice.
Here's to us finding somewhere nice, safe, cosy, and perfect for the new family that we are, in Vienna to call home

for background on the nightmare of this flat you may have a look at:

here we go again,

here we go again, AGAIN,

nasty november

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