Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here we go again, AGAIN!

It's February 26th... We've been back since the 10th and although the workmen have kept out of the flat there has been ongoing work in and around the building resulting in sawing, drilling, dust and mud invading whatever peace and quiet is left by a teething babe in the daylight hours and most definitely making sure that the peace and quiet required for the said babe to nap is the rarest commodity.

Have a listen. I taped the below this morning from Emma's bedroom and from our front door on the top floor of the building while the workmen were on the ground floor

I have said, at least a zillion times now, that should things not be resolved in this flat we are moving out. Each time more desperately than the previous, yet hoping against all hope that things would be all fixed and that nothing else would leak or fail, that we would not have to move AGAIN. At least not until we know Vienna better. Not until we have a chance to get our lives organized with a nanny, a cleaning lady, and managed to get out and meet a few people. Not until spring; the moving season when other expats will have be moving to their next destination freeing up family flats in family areas near schools, kindergardens, parks and shops.
This time, coming back here after our break in France, we agreed that there would be no more lenience and that should there be a "next time" it would be the last.

Comforted by this, I was ready to move ahead and give Vienna a fair chance. So last week, I really tried to get my act together and make things better for us here. The sun inspired me so Emma and I checked out a different "highstreet" every other day in between errands, feeds and naps. A visit to a newly opened neighborhood gym club and finding Emma a great sitter, gave me something to look forward to and a sense of achievement however modest my accomplishments were objectively. Finally, a short family visit (in-laws) spread positive vibes in our flat; a pleasant change from the hoards of workmen who were the only other company we had had over.

Despite struggling out of bed this morning at 7am after a short night (Emma's teething kept me on my toes all of yesterday and by the time we got her to stop crying at 4am I was totally exhausted) my outlook was relatively positive; I was expecting the nanny/sitter K. and looked forward to getting out in the sunshine and mild spring-like temperatures, thinking finally we were getting somewhere.

Then it all went south.
I might have jinxed it all in my last post.

In a nutshell:

-out goes the nanny
it turns out her uni schedule for the upcoming term will not allow day-time work for more than an hour in a row, so there goes Emma's new lovely nanny. (She seemed nearly as sad as me and said that although she loves taking care of kids and Emma was sweet, it's important for the parents to be nice and that we really are.)

-the leaking, problematic, ill constructed "luxuswohnung" building strikes again
at exactly Emma's morning nap time, the hammers started up and I frantically ran out into the staircase with my hair wild and any hope of a morning nap of my own evaporating before me, only to find workmen knocking down part of a wall in the flat below us... Wouldn't you know it, a leak. And the culprit is our en-suite bathroom it seems. Workmen due at our place tomorrow AM. Lo-ve-ly.

I don't know what it is about this place but no matter the efforts we make, things just keep going pear shaped.

I think this pretty much sums it up:

Mur·phy's Law (mûr'fēz) Pronunciation Key
n. Any of certain humorous axioms stating that anything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong.

Any ideas? a great nanny or maybe a nice flat to rent?

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