Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the nappy law

Every time I change Emma into a clean and fresh nappy, she poops.
Preferably while sitting on my knee.

Every morning, after naps and nappy changes I open the window to air out Emma's room. Wouldn't you know it?
Invariably, within 10 minutes of me closing the window she'll need changing again.

The morning moves on and soon we are all dressed and ready to face the Wiener Winter;
Emma has her purple jacket and pink hat on, I've pulled on my boots and coat and I'm about to slide her into her pram before she gets too hot and fussy (although I'm already melting in my gear). And then?
You've guessed it; as I lift her into the air I get a whiff of her bum and it's the nappy law all over again.

Back to her now sweet smelling aired out bedroom to the changing station...

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