Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another potty debate

The wiping. Yeah.

As you know, I've been reading up on potty training and have pretty much settled on a method (a mix between Gina Ford's and Tracy Hoggs') which hopefully will work . So today, following Tracy Hoggs advice, we bought Emma some "big girl" undies so that she can feel wet and we can simply pull them up after having finished up on the potty (instead of having to get her up on a changing table and put another nappy on which was something I was having a hard time with).

Which brings me to my little dilemma.... after she's done her business on the potty, I need to clean her up and the "how" to that - after pee mainly
- still puzzled me a bit.

Too much reading doesn't always help!

Indeed, although practically all the books specify that for hygienic reasons it's important to "wipe girls front to back" I was still sort of puzzled as how to (teach a little one to) do this. And surprisingly, being a girl myself didn't really help on this "front to back" bit if you see what I mean. (Getting a bit graphic here I realize, sorry!)

So, anyway, if you're having similar dilemmas and want an entertaining and informative (and anonymous!) read which shows there are lots of different things going on in the "wiping down there" area, please check
this out. Although the videos are no longer available, the comment section is overflowing with a variety of experiences from people potty/toilet training toddlers or not.

As for us, I'm thinking, we're going to use the potty as frequently as possible (asap out of bed, before going to "school" , as soon as we get back home, before dinner, before bedtime...) for maybe another week and then go for the big girl undies during the day. Maybe I'm optimistic, but since Emma has now successfully peed & pooed in the potty a few times and is often dry after naps, I think she's getting it even though she has not so far asked to use it.
I'm still not sure what we're going to do out of the home though... I read about a portable potty and people actually keeping a potty in their car, but hopefully by then Emma will be able to "hold" and will not be too scared about using a toilet.

I'll keep you posted...

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