Monday, August 31, 2009

Emma's hearty appetite & morning sickness

Our first night was a bit rough due to Emma feeling uneasy in an unfamiliar bed (luckily I was asleep just an hour after her so I patiently managed the repetitive waking later in the night - self-complimentary tap on the shoulder ) but last night was smooth.

Emma's appetite is more varacious than ever after an afternoon on the beach and jumping on the trampoline (pics of that in a next post). Luckily for us, she is currently sleeping in so we enjoy a morning chat and
tranquillement reading the Economist as we watch the occasional boat pass by. The good life.

The salty breeze and yummy tomatoes are a hit.

I just wish brushing my teeth didn't make me feel so sick... not sure my lovely family would be charmed by all-day morning breath, but I might consider mints if this goes on.

Tomorrow our Tata-yéyé (a.k.a Annabel, Emma's beloved auntie) arrives!

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