Monday, August 24, 2009

Pregnant again

I have a secret that wants to explode out of me so although I'm writing this on Thursday August 13th, I'm pretty sure you won't be reading it for a while. Never mind! I have to let it out.

I think we're preggers again!!!

Not sure yet - still very early days- and the Clear blue test was not 100% clear so I'll have to redo it in a few days. But...

Much more reliable are the facts that:
  • I'm peeing more often
  • I wake up starving
  • My boobs are tight and feel like I am a teenager once again
  • I'm totally pooped by the time I get Emma into bed at 8pm.

All symptoms I recall from nearly three years ago when I was in the early stages of being preggie with Emma (who at that time had no name except "bebek" i.e. baby in Turkish since that was where we were living in the second half of 2006).

So exciting!!!

Anyway, I've booked an appointment with a gynae in 10 days time so by then we should know more.

A part from it being very exciting news in itself I am over the moon with the fact that the timing would be (is?) perfect! A Spring baby, just in time to enjoy the nice weather in Vienna without having to go through summer pregnancy. Plus, if my last pregnancy is anything to go by, I will be a lot less cold this winter. Yay!!!
And the age difference in between Emma and N° 2 is good too - by then she will be getting dressed on her own, speaking much more clearly and hopefully will not feel kicked out of the crib as it were.

I wonder... boy or girl? I was petty sure Emma was going to be a girl but right now, I don't have an inkling (yet).
Steph is in favor of another girl, having declared after an afternoon at the park watching some boys play, that boys were silly. (In actual fact, I'm quite sure he likes having a little Princess and finds the frequent teenage power struggle in between boys and Dads a bit daunting. Plus, he is convinced girls are easier and gets depressed at the thought of not re-using all of Emma's tiny clothes. ) As for me, I don't think I have a preference, as long as he/she is healthy and happy and it all goes smoothly.

Ohhh. I can barely sit still I am so excited! HOW am I going to be able to wait for another 10 days before knowing for sure?!!!

Oh, and yes, this was planned - or rather we had decided that we wanted to have a second babe as of Emma's 2nd birthday. Pretty quick ey?

Saturday, August 15th

We are definitely expecting N° 2!!!
After the not so clear result on the previous test I decided to
a) wait a couple of days until my period was officially due
b) use a digital test that actually tells you whether or not you are pregnant in so many words... and ta-da!

We are preggers! 2 weeks since conception and 1 month since my last period. 1 month preggers and 8 more to go!

My feelings?
Im-pa-tient! However did I manage to wait 9 months before meeting Emma?
Can't wait to see the gynae next week so I can meet her (hope she's nice and good and will see me through the whole bit) and basically be reassured everything is as it should be (I am 36 you know!)
Can't wait till the second trimester when I will feel boosted by all the hormones and stop feeling tired!
Oooohhhh. Im-pa-tient!

Friday 21st

Well, we've told family and close friends and though it was great doing so, now I wonder if we should not have waited until Monday. The Monday (meeting the gynae) just around the corner!

Today, I can't help thinking I was much more excited when I found out I was expecting Emma... Maybe 'cause she was my first? Maybe 'cause I saw the doctor right away and hence could rejoice knowing everything was ok? Maybe 'cause now I know the pregnancy is only the beginning, whereas the first time round the birth seems like your goal (end)? Maybe 'cause I was so focused on her (the belly) not having a child to care for in the house?
I don't want to feel blasé about this pregnancy but I am so relaxed about it I often forget about it entirely. Hopefully once I start seeing a belly, I will feel it is more real.

I'm still feeling tired but my hunger is less voracious.
I think my jeans feel tighter already. Oh-oh.
I've ordered some kaki colored Croc boots in case my feet swell again and I can't get anything else on - perfect for the park!

Saturday 22nd

Today we are 6 weeks pregnant! (counting from the first day of my last period i.e. Gestational pregnancy) Only 7,5 months to go!!! Yay!!!
Oh, and I found
some interesting reading on feelings during a second pregnancy

Sunday August 23rd

We're thinking of names already, seeing as it took us forever to find a name we both liked for Emma... and I found this gallery of popular names by country which could come in pretty handy. It's nice 'cause it has a small selection of boys and girls names per country instead of the zillion or so you find on most sites.
Tomorrow is D-day: we meet the gynae and hopefully have some more information etc. From what I have calculated on my own, next Tuesday we reach 6 weeks of Gestational pregnancy whereas Fetal age is just over 3weeks. (Usually there is only a two week difference in between the two, but my menstrual cycles tend to be on the longish side at 33 or so days so there you have it). This probably means we'll have to wait until we return from Croatia to hear a heartbeat and start talking dates. Oh well.

Monday, August 24th

I've just come back from the gynae's and am over the moon to be able to say she was professional and nice and reassuring - Yay!!!! and Pheew! I feel a lot better now that I know we are in good hands!

As for the babe, well, all is as it should be. Estimated due date for now is April 20-21st. We'll know more in a couple of weeks after our next ultrasound.


Anonymous said...

WOW! that was quick! CONGRATULATIONS to you, Stephane and Emma on your (soon to be) new family member ;-)

Eva said...

Dear Sandra,
Wow this is wonderful news. I am very excited for you. Congratulations. I hope you summer vacation in Croatia was all you hoped for.
Greetings from Eva