Saturday, August 29, 2009

Here we go again

We're off to Croatia to prolong the summer for a few days.

This morning as I closed up my suitcase in 18° C Vienna, I figured I might as well wear jeans to travel so I have a pair of "warmer" trousers just in case, but lo an behold they felt tight. I kept them on for ten minutes (just to make sure it wasn't the after wash effect) and then hopped on the scales: I have gained 2 kilos! Already!

Luckily I found a pair of post-preggie baggies that fit wonderfully and should still be ok in 10 days on the way back.

It's no wonder though, since
I am absolutely starving all the time and eating (dried fruit, walnuts, salty cracker...) about every 30 minutes to avoid feeling sick (on top of three hearty meals a day!).

Here we go again.

I am now really glad that I got back to my non-smoking, non-pregnant normal weight before getting pregnant again - I guess if I did it once I can do it again.

Other than that I'm feeling just fine; slightly woozy and breathless (can't remember feeling this way so early on last time...) and I definitely need to nap after lunch if I want to hold up with Emma all afternoon. Certain smells have also become unbearable again (coffee, fish, smoke...). All normal.

If you're curious about what our little tadpole looks like right about now go here.

Well, we'd better get going...

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