Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Morning sickness goes on

I am in the throws of morning sickness and it's really REALLY horrible! I feel like I am hung over without even having had any of the night before fun.

Whatever I smell, taste or swallow in the mornings seems to make my stomach heave. Luckily the intensity of the nausea seems to abate as the day goes on... as long as I don't let myself get hungry. Hunger pangs = nausea.

Problem is, I get hunger pangs about every hour and some foods I usually enjoy make me feel even worse. So far I really need to avoid: tomatoes/tomato sauce, cucumbers, vinegar, some yogurts, white cheese, blueberries... Agh! Basically anything acid. Don't ask.

On the contrary, white rice, corn, salty crackers, peanut butter, (it's been decades since I last had peanut butter! ) chips, white bread, walnuts, almonds, raspberries and bananas make me feel better. But uh, how healthy is that? Tomorrow I'm going to try potatoes.

As for proteins (on top of nuts) ham, minced meat, and eggs are neutral if I eat something nice and dry with them.
This is going to be one gastronomic first trimester!

(to help with morning sickness here are some diet tips

some more and a few more)

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