Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Child rearing and politics

Sometimes getting to school (read kindergarden) can take ages. That's part of the reason why I drive there although it would only be a 15 minute walk at a normal pace but I think we could at least triple that with Emma.

Emma's curiosity (a wonderful trait, yes I do realize)
means she is still prone to stopping and checking everything and everybody out (the beggar on the corner, the man raging at the trolly that won't come undone from the row, the gardener watering the plants, a moving van...) and what seems like stalling (I think this is part of her trying to make the point that "I'm the one to decide what I do, Mamââân" phase).

During her observations she is so totally absorbed that her brain filters uninteresting appeals "Emma, on va être en retard à l'école" (Emma, we're going to be late for school) like a person turning down the volume of their hearing aid so as to read in peace. But then sometimes we see a familiar child from afar (or a teacher or a garbage truck, which she loves, or something else interesting in the right direction) and I can say "Emma, regarde qui est là" (Emma, looks who is here) and luckily for me it usually works.

Sometimes I even find the right words to convince her that putting on her jacket is a good idea - "comme Maman/like Mum" doesn't always work nowadays, but "regarde, il y a des poches!" (look it has pockets!) is a winner!

Who knew child rearing taught you about politics (as in telling them what they want to hear so that you get what you want)?

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