Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week 8 and 2 days

Today was a big day.

I had my first preggie pilates lesson on the reformer (= revolutionary Pilates machine) and although I felt slightly pooped at the end of it, I survived.

Admittedly, it was rather uplifting to be told by the 6 month pregnant mother doing the class with me that at 8 weeks all she could manage was to sleep in between kindergarden drop off and pick up of her 3 year old.

We had our second ultra-sound today and actually saw baby's heart beat! Pretty amazing especially considering that he/she is merely 13mm big!

Everything is just dandy except my blood pressure (90/60) which is perpetually making me feel like I am about to faint (
not nice when you are driving). Yay! to salty crackers and fruit smoothies (I have out on 1,5 kg since pregnant). Hopefully only 3 more weeks of this before I feel totally boosted by all the 2nd trimester hormones - yay! yay! yay!

And uh, I've taken to drinking chamomile tea in the evenings - helps calm the tum before bed-time. Bananas and Weetabix are my new best buddies.
No, not feeling like a gran in the slightest... especially not when napping after lunch, dragging myself to the car and needing help carrying groceries. Oh, and wanting to climb back into bed at 9am (but I don't 'cause I have loads of more interesting stuff to do and anyway, I nap after lunch remember?!).

Finally another piece of good news: Emma is moving to a bilingual (English & German) bigger kids group in her kindergarden as of Monday. Yippee!

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