Sunday, August 15, 2010

Emma update

Emma on the mend after knocking her head
(such a drama queen I tell you! she likes to have a "bussi" a "flaster" or some ice to feel better!)

Emma also went to see her beloved Dr. G (for her 3 year old check-up), insisted on seeing him first (before William) even though she was due to have a booster shot.

Emma in Dr. G.'s waiting room (he loves antiques!)

Dr. G found that Emma weighs 18kg and measures 99cm. She is healthy but has flat feet (recommended to walk barefoot as much as possible) and slightly in-turned knees.

Unfortunately, Emma and her gang of girlfriends at kindergarden are not napping at the moment so she tends to want to go to bed at 6h30 pm! and worst of all can be cranky as of 5... hopefully this is a summer-phase that will pass. (On the week-ends Emma naps for 90-120 minutes!)

Because of Emma wanting to go to bed so early, I often have to feed her before us or she will skip dinner entirely... So recently the two of us even managed a couple of early alfresco dinners (while William had his 5 o'clock pre-bath cat-nap) at our local market's Tuesday buffet which is right opposite a little parc which was nice!

Emma's favorite: pasta!

Also, sometimes we meet other Mums and we share a prosecco together while the children play.

Last July, as the heat encouraged ladies to show their toes, Emma fell in love with nail polish.
She particularly liked an orange I was wearing at the time but requested a blue one for herself. Since then she received a green one for her birthday (at her request) and has launched a blue/turquoise/green nail polish trend at kindergarden including the teachers!

Pedicure time!
One of Emma's favorite activities (but it's really hard to get her to keep still!)

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