Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A big heart-felt thank-you to all of you who texted, emailed, called or commented to show your support and let me know that you too have felt (or are feeling) the same at some point in the face of mothering your children. Thank-you also for reminding me that things will improve. It really made me feel better (that and a little more sleep)!

Often, I have felt it is a tabou to voice such feelings of overwhelmingness (yes, that's a word! I just looked it up!) in the face of so many mothers seeming calm and collected, happy to be with their kids all the time and apparently never wanting to be anywhere else even just for a second.
(let alone working a Prosecco into the routine at 5pm so as to cope with bath and bed-time!)

But then, sometimes, you open up and admit to feeling fed up and overwhelmed and tired and in need of some "me-time" and you discover you are not alone and that it's ok and that it doesn't mean you don't love your kids nor that you are a bad mother... just that you are human.

There's a lot of guilt tied to what we perceive as our shortcomings in motherhood and a lot of frustrations as we wish to do better and more. A neverending subject tied to one of the most difficult "jobs" in the world; mothering.

During my first few weeks of pregnancy (of William) I read a book that I really enjoyed on the subject by Ayelet Waldman - and googling the title so as to post the link to Good Mother/Bad Mother, I have just discovered there is another book with the same title by Gina Ford which has good reviews... maybe another book to add to my reading list.

To read a bit about Ayelet Waldman's thoughts on "Bad Mother (A Chronicle of Maternal Crimes, Minor Calamities, and Moment of Grace)"
click here

Happy Reading & thank-you again ;-)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sandra,
Thanks for the book recommendation. I need to read more honesty like yours from mothers in order to feel the bond and that I am not alone.
I think I read too many "super blogs". All the posts are always so dreamy and cheery and I feel confused about how to create this in our life.
Love form Eva

J. said...

Oh my God! Last year, before I got a job, I totally flipped out and needed to re-medicate. Celexa and Xanax, hello! I just couldn't take one more day in the house with the baby. The same routine over and over and over...Believe me. You are not alone.