Thursday, August 12, 2010

William - 3 month update

A slightly late 3 month update:

Eating and sleeping
  • During the day, he now roughly sleeps 1,5-2 hours hours and is awake about the same amount of time. At night he sleeps from 7h15 pm to about 6h30 am. Unfortunately he still wakes for a feed about 3 or 4 am and sometimes just wakes and needs a tap on the bum to fall back to sleep (on top of that he has a dream feed just before 11pm which means he has a total of 7 feeds in 24 hours! 5 in the day, a dream feed and one night feed).
  • Thankfully, his naps are now better (less wakings) and he has started to sleep less fitfully in his pram (even when you stop walking).
  • We've thankfully been able to get him to sleep without the swaddle a few times - it broke my heart to need to swaddle him up in this terrible heat! Hopefully this trend will continue.
  • He is now mostly able to burp on his own (without being burped) but when he has trapped air, he let's you know! and hiccups seem to occur less frequently.
  • He eats loads as long as he is not distracted by noise, people interacting with him or new places. Sometimes, I cover his face (and my breast) up so he can focus on eating and then we can play. He eats best in the quiet of his room.
  • When he screams, he seems to be even louder than before if that is even possible!
  • His smiles are getting bigger and his "talking" louder and more varied with sounds like "aiii" "eiii" "whaiii" "wééé" "huh" and "gré"
  • He is increasingly able to communicate feed-back and to interact more with the world around him.
  • He rolled from his tummy onto his back all by himself 3 times! but since that one time - nothing.
  • It sometimes seems as if he wants to stand/sit up by himself
  • He is chewing on his hands a lot - could he be preparing his gums for teething?
  • He is now able to grasp toys and towels by himself and he is very strong (but he doesn't hang on to them for very long except if he is clutching my necklace or t-shirt)

Physical attributes
  • His size of clothing is already 74cm-86cm depending on the brand and he is really quite a big boy!
  • At his 3 month check-up he weighed 7,340gr!!!
  • Apparently he has ears like mine (the tips stick out a bit) and we yawn in the same way.

  • William is losing his hair like Emma did. Soon he will only have the little collar at the back that makes babies look like monks.
  • He sometimes looks exceedingly wise for his age.

Other stuff
  • We tried giving him a bottle of milk (both mine and formula) but he vehemently refused!
  • He is gradually getting used to noise (Emma's and other) and wind and light so that he jumps a bit less and cries a bit less frequently. Phew!
  • Generally Will can be very sensitive to the environment (positive and negative) and I hesitate in between sheltering him as much as I can and wanting him to adapt to it. I guess he will adapt when he feels more secure and as he grows.

He's a nice guy and we love him to bits!

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