Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ein Was?

Today for lunch I went down to my local market's cheese stand (actually more of a delicatessen) where they also serve up fresh home made soup and other yummy dishes.

All the ordering is in German and while I often order an Eintopf (stew) today I decided I wanted to order the Nudelauflauf (a kind of pasta and vegetable gratin). Unfortunately for me, what I actually said was Einlauf -which literally means enema.

so to recap:
Eintopf : stew
Auflauf : gratin
Einlauf : enema


1 comment:

Isla said...

Ahh those moments.. i still remember walking into a room full of Korays family in the early day and telling everyone i was sick... little did i know that the only thing they heard was Penis...lol.

p.s how the sleep training going ?