Thursday, April 12, 2012

2nd day in Vienna

Ok, I had no time to do day 1 in Vienna (yet) but hopefully it will suffice to say that we had a great time - although it stirred up a lot - and that I felt right at home nearly as if I had never left.
The afternoon was spent at Kutschkermarkt parc with a bunch of Emma's old kindergarden mates and their Mums and a bottle of Prosecco. Perfect.

So today, as planned by the weather forecast, it rained. A lot. And luckily the kids were all geared up for it.

Steph and Will walking in the rain

 But it did mean that playing in the park was out. So, also as planned, we headed over to Emma and Will's old kindergarden, (leaving Will out of it due to an outbreak of chicken pox which he has not been vaccinated against) and Emma and I even managed a quick coffee and juice at the new Kutschkermarkt café; the Himmelblau.

Coffee and orange juice with Emma

Since the beginning of the trip, Emma had asked about when we would go to her kindergarden to see Lisa (her teacher) and her friends and where her school bag was... I was beginning to fear that she really thought we were back to stay. ;-( 
As we neared the Kindergarden (we took the tram) Emma recognized the area more and more and started asking where her coat hanger was and telling me she needed to leave her shoes on the shelf (not the case at her school in Athens). Again, I explained we would just be visiting for the morning and that her "school" was now in Athens. Oh. 
Also, she occasionally mentioned she did not remember "Deutsch".

As soon as we rang the bell we heard a resounding "EMMMA!!!" and as the door opened many voices and hands reached out for Emma's hand and hair and as we tried to remove her coat and shoes Emma yelled at me that she could do it alone and then broke into tears. Luckily within 2 minutes she calmed down and we entered her old class-room.  (**On a personal note: 1) it was so nice to see kids dressed in all different colours and styles - I really dislike uniforms!!! 2) it was wonderful to see her play so hard. At her new kindergarten in Athens, it is much more like a school and playtime is restricted to recess and end of the day. She has learned a lot, but she is only still 4 and I have found that she is much happier after a day of play than after a day of work - who isn't?! 3) Despite the overwhelming nature of this whole trip I found Emma handled her emotions really well.)

Emma and her friend Carrie in the doll's corner

After a few minutes during which she clung to me and stared wide eyed around her, she  ate her muffin (the special breakfast the children had prepared in honor of her visit) and started playing with her old friend Carrie (who speaks English fluently) and others. At the end of the morning she was totally at home prancing around the class-room giving orders and laughing and absolutely refusing to leave.

 Emma placing the drawings she received from her friends in her plastic bag
The only way I managed to get her out of there was by telling her that we would meet them again in the park tomorrow (weather permitting) and reminding her that we would be visiting Isabella at her home in the afternoon. 

After a good nap at the hotel, off we went. Emma and Isa played as they had only six months ago despite Emma not saying much in German but the friendship, yelps of joy, easter eggs, dressing up and gummi bärli's made it a magical moment for her.  

I can't tell you how I wished we could stay. 

Anyway,  tomorrow is another day, and right now I am determined to live each one intensely and I'll think more about our country of residence when the holiday is over.

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