Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Emma's new bike

Last week-end we bought Emma her first bike with pedals (until now she has been using a balance bike, like the one Will is on in the pics). It was a bit scary for her to actually pedal instead of having her feet on the ground...

She made progress quite quickly once she stopped freaking out every second. The hardest thing about Emma and novelty is her negative approach to things (even things she is clearly good at!). It's really hard to keep praising and encouraging someone who is constantly saying they can't, will not, aren't able, don't know, etc. I wonder if there is another way to encourage her while feeling less annoyed at her attitude. When she was the only child, it was feasible to stop the activity at hand of sit down, talk it out and have an ice-cream or whatever but now that she is no longer an only child, it's unjust to stop everybody's fun because of her -and sometimes simply impossible of dangerous because William is too small to be left alone and I can't carry two bikes and two kids.  :-(

Emma is a bit of a diesel, when she gets the hang of things, nothing can stop her, but until she gets there... wow, the cows have come home. I find it hard as a parent to want to give her the extra time and attention when she has ruined 4 meals in a row because she won't eat or has taken ages to finish when I have to get William to bed. Also, and it's unfortunate, but the praise and encouragements don't always work - in fact sometimes shouting or a threat are much more effective with her but they make me feel like crap. I just don't understand why we have to get to the shouting/punishing/sending her away from table for her to react. And when others are around she sometimes is just another person; full of beans, positive and not the least bit whiny. I guess she's testing me and looking for boundaries but, but, but BUTTT ... AGHHH! 

Guess I just need to hang on to the idea that it's a phase and that it will pass. Soon I hope.

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