Thursday, April 26, 2012

William's update at 2 years old

Just a quick update on the previous post:


At his 2 year check up last week, William was 86cm tall, weighed 12,390 kg and was shown to be healthy and happy, curious and persistent. 
He understands absolutely everything we say in both English and French and has about 20 words under his belt but is making good progress now that his ears are unblocked and that we have finally found a product that helps them stay clear! Also this is considered as being ok for a boy growing up in a bilingual family environment so no worries as long as he keeps progressing with his speech.

His motor skills are great and he loves wearing a hat (this is very unusual as most kids rip them off first chance they get in my experience). He has also started taking an interest in his clothes and is very stubborn about wearing his dinosaur socks or his car t-shirt when that's what he wants to wear. He also loooves yogurt and tomatoes, cheese and chocolate cake. 

His vocab currently includes:
  1. egg
  2. come
  3. Maammy
  4. Aaamma (Emma)
  5. Papa
  6. no
  7. haan (which uses to mean yes)
  8. up
  9. take
  10. coco (chocolate)
  11. cake (he loves!)
  12. caca
  13. pipi
  14. baa (bath)
  15. baike (bike)
  16. choo choo
  17. train
  18. car
  19. grrr (for the lion)
  20. shushu (shoes)
  21. ko (from the French "encore" - more) 
  22. draauuw (draw) 
  23. cheese
  24. house (which he sometimes pronounces as "how" but only sometimes)
All the important stuff right?

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