Monday, February 25, 2008

Teething Emma

Emma is still teething like mad -we seem to be in the midst of a three day peak- which means she is moody, grouchy, whiny and not sleeping nor eating in her usual fashion. The pain means she will try to bite and chew anything from the table part of her high-chair to my shoulder or nipple. Poor Mom Emma.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell you yesterday, they sell a real smart invention at IKEA. A kind of gummy thing to put on the cot railing. It keeps them happy chewing while still in BED!!! Happy child --> happy mummy! ;-)

Anonymous said...

T would like to see more videos of her dear cousin!!! XOX

Sandra said...

On the railing? But that surely means they need to be sitting head above/at the level of the railing? How does that work?

Anyway, I'll have a look when I'm next at Ikea - thanks!

Last night she "sang" from 3AM to nearly 5 -> oh so tired Mummy! Emma in the meantime is scooting around the place in her musical walker!

Sandra said...

Ok, tell T. that I'll do my best to catch Emma on the move ;-)

If things keep going south here, I just might come visit you guys while her plane ticket is "tax only" -

Anonymous said...

Exactly, we are baby equipped over here. Even got the full time nanny!!!