Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things are looking up.
Yesterday after having decided that I needed to focus all my efforts in saving myself from new expat misery, I drafted a list of things I wanted to get done during the day.

My list:
drop Steph's trousers off at the dry cleaner's
buy a 2008 calendar
find a place that offers Body Balance or alternatively Pilates classes
call a baby sitter or two to arrange for interviews
get some fresh air and release some endorphin by going for a walk

Hardly ambitious when compared to what I would have done in an hour of my past life as a working girl, but today is now and even so I didn't think I would tick off half of it yesterday.

Guess what? I actually
-found a calendar in a shop where the owner was indignant when I asked if she only had this one ("you should be happy I already have one left") but I ignored her and actually found a whole selection of '08 calendars on one of her shelves
-visited a place about five minutes drive from here that has Pilates, Aero-Balance (apparently similar to Body Balance) and various other aerobic classes. What's more I negotiated a corporate rate (30% less) and no enrollment fee
-called a baby-sitter and arranged for an interview as well as placed an ad for a part-time nanny, evening sitter and cleaning-lady on a very useful website for parents in Vienna

Today, the said sitter pitched up. Late after she got lost, but she called. While keeping in mind that she was going to be looking after my most precious Em, (so her having a brain is not optional as it was for the cleaning lady who lasted 3 weeks before we fired her) I was also trying to be reasonable positive (nanny needs brain but does not need to be genius, if she were I would probably have to fire her for incompetency - mine- after 3 weeks).

Reminding myself that I really need someone to buy me ME time. Time to get out on my own and discover this town. Time to get fit again, or at least fitter. Time to meet some people so that I don't have to call another country when I am in need of a decent conversation (excluding hubs, but honestly most evenings neither of us is in shape for any kind of correspondence).
...so I can be a good Mom, remain moderately mentally sane.

Turns out, someone must have been looking out for me today. I really liked the part-time nanny.
And I met a neighbor (we're no longer the only nutters to have moved into this disaster area construction site building). She's English and her name is Janet.

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