Thursday, June 18, 2009

Emma these days

She says "bonne nuit" when we put her to bed and "goûte maman" (taste it Mom) when she feeds me something.

She has chipped her big left front tooth ever so slightly, so it looks like it has a rounded bottom corner.

She'll hold out whatever part of her body she has just bumped/scratched/hurt for me to kiss better.

She carries a coat, blanket or bag around like Linus and says "meine" (mine).

She no longer wants to drink milk from her bottle or otherwise except sometimes if it has some honey in it.

She grabs my hand and pulls saying "komm! komm!" (come! come!) but doesn't always know where she wants us to go once I put down the zucchini I am peeling.

She bellows out "hall-o-o" to whoever we cross on the street or at the park and she always introduces me
to whoever she is chatting to by pointing at me and saying "mamâaan" and then glancing back at them to see if they got it. She then sometimes goes on to tap her chest while exclaiming "Emma!".

She likes helping me put the laundry into the washing machine but needs help when pulling her pants (trousers) up over her nappied bum.

At the sandpit, she'll calmly walk away from a child that is scolding or pushing her because she has added more sand to their bucket or borrowed their shovel.

She loves hiding behind the curtains and screaming "ahhhh" when you pretend to be looking for her and she never lets you actually start looking for her when playing hide and seek.

Above all, she loves books - especially pop up ones although she still lacks the "delicate touch" required to manipulate them.

She can repeat "mamâââân" 1000 times without saying anything else when you answer her - as if she were checking you're there (for her).

She still can't put her shoes on by herself and hates having dirty feet.

She's definitely the centre of the world to us.

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