Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Parenting style up-date

So... I took the test to determine what is my parenting style and as it turns out here it is:

In case you're squinting at the above: My highest score is Active (43), then Autocratic (34), then Permissive (26).

Well, I was pretty sure I was not permissive and I was hoping I was more Active than Autocratic... Maybe I'll take it again in a while. I'd also like hubs to have a go at it.

Although I have to admit, at the moment I'm finding it really hard not to act autocratic when Emma ignores calls to remove her shoes, wash her hands, come to dinner etc. Sometimes the "kneel down, place hand on child's shoulder and try for eye contact as you speak" works, at others she is already meters away, off to play will her Lego or her mini kitchen and frankly couldn't care less.

Just another phase...

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Sandra said...

Hubs took the test and it turns out he is more Autocratic than Active and least of all Permissive so no surprises really and the good thing is that we agree pretty much on most things - not that we needed the test to tell us that.
However, looking at the quiz questions again, I realized that some were difficult to answer for us due to Emma's young age - I mean we have to get her out of bed and we do have to tell her things a zillion times or "constantly stay on top of (her) to get things done" as they put it. And, although she does tidy up her toys, put plastic bottles in the recycling bin and wash her hands before meals etc. I'm not sure those are chores. However, once she gets it (and if it's part of her routine) she usually runs put her shoes on, to her room for nappy change or to the table for meals (shouting "Essen!!" or "Manger!") so we figured that balanced it out a bit. After all, he is only 23 months old...
Oh Gosh, am I beginning to sound like an over-protective Mom or what!?!