Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sitting in the sun and peer pressure at minus 2

As you can see, Emma does not like the sound of drilling. ;-)

At the moment she is rediscovering her water bottle which she had rejected due to kindergarden peer pressure leaning towards the smaller bottles that need to be tipped to drink (i.e. there's no inner straw).

Can you believe it? Not yet two but there is already peer pressure happening! I actually had to buy her one of the "tipping required" bottles because she was constantly borrowing other childrens' and refusing to use her non-tip non-spill one. Go figure...

Anyway, nowadays Emma is increasingly drinking out of a regular plastic cup which is kind of handy.

You've got to love the warmer weather if only because it is great for water sports and experimenting with drinking out of cups -and hopefully toilet training one of these days...

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