Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back in Vienna, mini update

So we're back in Vienna after our longest holiday stay at the Poirier in France and I have to say it's not bad to be back. Hopefully, I'll finally begin to feel human again after a major bout of sinusitis (Emma and Steph were ill too) so back to health is a good start to the year.

But there has been other minor but still empowering happy bits of good news to welcome us back to Vienna:
  • against all likelihood, my wallet was returned to me -Yippee!- with all my -now useless- papers and cards inside. Apparently somebody dropped it off in the lost and found mailbox. Kind of restores your faith in people... especially in a big city like Vienna. Too bad I had already ordered new driving license, ID cards, bank cards, credit cards, insurance cards... I wonder if it was the thief herself who returned it. I can imagine her loading off a bag full of wallets rid of their cash. Funnily enough, the letter from the Fundservicestelle was sent out on December 18, the very day we headed off to Geneva. Oh well. (for the theft story go here)
  • January has brought lots of calls about our Polo (we're selling) and today we sold it to a family with two boys (3 yrs and 5 weeks). My new car arrives mid-Jan. and my ever-extending belly is very happy and grateful!
  • Although my "mummy revenues" for taking care of Emma come to an end this month, I received some surprise extra cash from the state of Vienna who had forgotten to pay me three months of my "mummy salary" - always appreciated after Christmas!
  • It's been snowing so we can finally test Emma's sleigh!
  • I found some more preggie leggings (on sale at Jacadi) Yay!!!! I am really beginning to feel tight in my jeans and tunics and leggings are so much softer on my lower belly.
  • 100 more days to go before D-day! Although we still have not found a name for our little man in the making...

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Isla said...

Fantastic news about the wallet ! restores faith in humanity just a little, hope you are all well Happy New Year
Hugs Isla x