Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Preggie update - 100 or so days left

Today is the first day of the third (and last!) trimester of my pregnancy! Yiippeee!!!

What's up with the me and the babe?
  • I've put on 5 - 5,5kg so far (currently at 65,5) and am hoping to stay below 70kg if at all possible, my feet will be ever so grateful!
  • energy levels are pretty high now that I am getting rid of my sinusitis
  • I'm sleeping well although finding it increasingly difficult to turn around in bed (my osteopath suggests tightening & relaxing the buttocks a few times and then tightening them to turn around so as to create a "belt" of support around your hips since by now abs are totally useless)
  • my belly is looking pretty big and my belly button has flattened out completely (with Emma it never popped outwards which was fine by me, thank-you very much!)
  • I can still zip up my winter coat, which is great as it's about -3° here in Vienna and windy
  • baby is kicking strongly but no hiccups so far (Emma had them all the time and still has them occasionally)
  • next check-up with ultra-sound due next-week
Update: Saw my endocrinologist today and it turns out my thyroid meds need adjusting again - up to 150µg/day (instead of the current 125µg) - I'm glad we're keeping an eye on this!

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