Monday, January 18, 2010

Big girl bed

Emma slept in her big girl bed for the first time last night. It took her ages to fall asleep but I think that had more to do with a long afternoon nap than the bed - at least I hope so.

This is excellent news mainly because it was becoming really hard for me to lift her into her cot with my belly and her weight. She seemed quite pleased and kept saying "Emma a grand lit" (Emma has big bed). It also means that I can now sit on her bed next to her for our bedtime stories which she quite liked. (Hopefully there won't be too much climbing out!)

Another piece of good news; we're nearly done with all the vaccinating!
Emma had her "Hepatitis A" booster shot today and will have her third and last tick-borne encephalitis booster shot in April (before the baby arrives please) - after that Emma is all done with vaccines and boosters until she is at least 4 (unless we move God knows where in the meantime...). Yay!

Of course, then we can start all over again with baby boy...


Janset Acar said...

Hi Sandra!
I came across your site on Eva's blog...hope you don't mind me reading your posts...congrats on the second baby! You look fantastic...just like you did when I first met you =)
Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!
Love and light from Janset...

Sandra said...

Hey Janset,
Nice to hear from you! I had also visited your blog via Eva's. From the pic, it looks like you have your hands full too ;-)
All these babies since we were all in Izmir...
Thanks for your good wishes and all the best to you too!