Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby/preggie update week 28

So on Thursday I had my routine checkup at my gynae's and got my glucose test results and blood test results.

In a nutshell:
  • I don't have gestational diabetes
  • I am anemic
  • everything else is fine; in fact even my low lying placenta seems to have moved up but we'll still go for the final confirmation on that one during week 34
  • unfortunately, no cool baby pics this time.

As for the baby, he now measures 35cm (!!) and weighs 1284gr. (Seems big to me!) According to the measurements, the calculated EDD (estimated delivery date) reads out to be April 14th-16th confirming my feeling (or hope!) that he's coming slightly before April 20th. Although, according to the gynae, these measurements vary each time and don't really change the EDD calculated at the beginning of the pregnancy.

I think Emma's EDD was also somewhere between July 27th-August 4th according to the various body measurements (see Emma's data on
week 30 and of week 32)...

I'm still not entirely sure at which location to give birth (hesitating in between two) so I've decided to go visit the delivery rooms in each hospital again next week and hope my gut will have strong feelings about one place rather than another.

Also, I am hugely reassured after discussing post-term delivery with my gynae; one of the girls who does preggie pilates with me is over 10 days overdue and they are still waiting... I don't know how she does it. I would be really worried. Even with the checks every three days. In Switzerland that's a no-no. And in my book that's definitely a no-no. Very happily, my gynae is also against leaving the baby in more than 3 days post-term - Pheew!!!

Mind you, a couple of second time Mums have told me their second delivery was so quick they barely had time to get to the maternity or settle into the delivery room! I could live with that - as long as Steph is around and Emma is safely at kindergarden and it's not all happening at 4am.

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