Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sleepless in Vienna - 3

Today William is seven months old. 7 months. 7-months-of-sleeplessness. Ouch. My head hurts a little more when I actually say it.

After a fantastic night on Tuesday (he actually slept the whole night waking only for his 3am feed and I actually had to wake him at 7 am!!! oh, what a dream!) last night was the worst it has been in months.
He slept from 7pm-9pm and then from around 10h30-12h20 and then from around 3-5am. I am exhausted! I am fed up! I want him, need him to sleep. He needs to sleep.

To make matters worse, he seems to be preparing for another tooth (or two) to come out, as he is dribbling galore and has a bit of a fever.

On Tuesday we saw the cranio-sacral osteopath (just before the fantastic night's sleep) and she said he was a little tense and so she "tuned him down a little". We go back next Tuesday.

I have not yet started him on the baby consultant's plan as I think we need to do that when things have settled a bit and I want to give the osteopathic treatment a chance.

On the positive side, the workmen who were re-doing the bathrooms of the flat above ours seem to have vanished. I so hope they are done!

On the positive side 2: we have finally managed to remove the swaddle from William (or William from the swaddle?); it was becoming really dangerous as he could unswaddle himself and then there was this big bit of cloth he could get all knotted up in with him in the cot.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope the sleep consultant will be of great help....In the end Tracy Hogg has helped out families as well didn't she, in her books we can read all about it. And you wrote you are still breastfeeding? I am slowly cutting it off, I want to stop end of December. Luckily Lente likes the bottle (I have 2, one Tommee Tippee for the milk, and one for the rice flour). She has eaten bread, banana, pear and carrots so far. She loves to suck on a piece of cucumber. No teeth yet, but she is crawling and trying to stand up. Nights are sometimes good (like last night, only woke up once), but the night before every 2 hours (maybe because of the vaccinations she had that day?). Yesterday for the first time she didnt fall asleep while breastfeeding her. So let's hope it is the beginning of not needing my breasts anymore to fall asleep. xxx