Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sleepless in Vienna update

Well, the full night was, it seems, a one off.

Last night William woke at least once an hour from 11h30 pm to 2h30 (when I fed him) and then from 5h onwards.
Today, he had apples for breakfast and bananas for lunch (on top of breast milk) and his naps were not great (totaling to just under 3 hours) but I managed to extend two of them.

We'll see what the night brings but I am looking even more forward to my Thursday discussion with the sleep consultant.

Tomorrow I have part of the morning off thanks to the sitter and plan to have lunch with hubs - how long has that been??!!


Isla said...

Ohh i hope that you can find something to help with this sleep situation. I cant even imagine how tiring it must still be at a time when you are thinking that more than 4hrs of sleep should be possible. I have heard the cranio can really help. My sisters friend is Canada her son had a similar problem i rememeber holding him as a teeny tot and thinking he was very tense. When he was 5 months she took him to a Cranio Sacral Therapist..apparently a long traumatic bith had resulted in some discomforts for him. A month later she said he was a different baby.So i really really hope that the Cranio helps. : ) : ) I love the idea that we as mothers can get help from experts from all over the world ( ie Sleep Therapist in Canada) how fab is the internet and
there is no waiting rooms...
Hope you had a lovely lunch with hubs..that seems a far off dream to me at the moment lol.

Sandra said...

Hi Isla!
Lunch with hubs was short as I started coming out in cold sweat - he drove me home and I took a paracetamol and vitamin C (not much else I can do while breastfeeding).
Still feeling feverish today, but at least hubs is due back tonight. We'll try the lunch again next week...
As for Cranio - yes, I hope it works! I'll keep you posted!!!
Yesterday, I had my first consult with the sleep specialist and I am terrified of next steps! More on that in a next post!