Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back from Greece; the good, the bad and the ugly

We are back from Greece and in Vienna it's pouring and windy and a mere 15°C. Quite a shock after the near 40° we experienced in Athens for 5 days. But -although it complicates things with the kids- the weather is quite in sync with my mood and the a/w clothing catalogs that are already landing in my mailbox.

I 'm in the mood for autumn. I am liking being inside while the rain drizzles down the water pipe and tap taps on our outdoor table. I am liking wearing my thin cotton scarf and feeling my feet are safe and dry in my big bright rain boots. Right now, I don't want to live in a permanently hot & sunny climate. (Is it rejection time already? )

I think a lot of this is a back-lash-mood-reaction to our visit to Athens. Here it is in a nutshell.

The good:
  • the house will be done in time for us to move into and will be a nice place I think
  • The neighborhood is green, friendly and there are lots of children
  • Our neighbors are very helpful, hospitable and open-hearted
  • We have our own little swimming pool which will literally save us from drying out on summer afternoons
  • People love children
  • The food is yummy
  • I probably won't be needing to go into town very often and can manage on the neighborhood shops (still driving distance though)
  • We already have a Greek pediatrician who speaks English and does house calls (see "the ugly" below)

The bad:
  • kids rule! To the point of being utterly spoiled. Regular bed-times (or anything regular and routine-like for that matter) are not done. Ugh.*
  • Emma and William will not be attending the same kindergarden and then when Will could move to Emma's, Emma will be moving on to another building, possibly another school. This means two school runs (and/or two buses)
  • Mummies provide lunch for everybody (even hubby) in lunch-boxes!
  • I can say good-bye to nice little shops/boutiques of the 18th bezirk and hello to air-conditioned, huge Malls

The ugly:
  • I was totally sick to my stomach during the first 24hours of my trip
  • then Steph was ill
  • then William got sick and had 39° fever until yesterday
  • we passed the virus on to the kids of the family we were staying with
  • Emma learned to eat cookies for lunch and honey sandwich for dinner walking around or sprawled in front of the TV which was blasting cartoons as of 7am for her and our hosts' kids
  • Emma loved this new modus vivendi

* perhaps I should put this one in the ugly. No routine is horrible as far as I am concerned. My kids absolutely thrive on routine and I love knowing the time of lights out is the same every night and that after that I (we) have my (our) evening time off...

Here are some pics taken by our host during our stay.

As you can see, we don't look unhappy. I hope that my current lack of enthusiasm is at least in part due to having experienced all this while ill, away from home at nearly 40° C. ...

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Isla said...

I just love the pics its so nice to see you all together :) you look fantastic Sandra !! i love the hair xxxx