Sunday, July 31, 2011

Emma's fourth birthday

Emma has celebrated her birthday 3 times this week; once in kindergarden with her friends and teachers on Wednesday (strawberry cake), once with Will, Steph and I yesterday at home with a home-made chocolate cake and again today at the Family Fun park with friends and their parents with a strawberry cake, a mountain of nuggets and fries and lots of fun!
She is very happy about this and I am really glad we stayed in Vienna for her birthday this year so she could celebrate it with her friends. I think we managed to make it all about her this year and I think that's exactly as it should be. ;-)

Tomorrow morning really early we head off to Geneva!

Here are some pics of Emma's birthday celebrations:

Chocolate cake for breakfast! Yeah!

Discovering her new IKEA kitchen

and her pram, nearly as big as Mummy's

here she is wowing at her impressive candle

William enjoys the balls at the family fun park

after the cake, chicken nuggets and fries and a huge bowl of ketchup!
Emma and friends eating
That little boy in the blue t-shirt is Will enjoying the fries ;-)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emma.
I still can remember when she was born. I already was following your blog back then. Amazing how fast time flies. We were still in Turkey and I looked at pictures of Emma with a friend from the US. She was never able to have children herself and she cried when she saw a picture of Emma in the arms of your husband. It was one of these moments she always wanted to experience with her husband. I hope you don't mind that I share this story here with you.

This looks like the Best birthday ever.
Thank you for your recent email.
Love from Eva

Isla said...

Happy Birthday Emma xxxx

Mumic. said...

HI SUNNY, am revising how to comment. Mumic.

Sandra said...

Well done Mumic! ;-)