Saturday, July 09, 2011

Emma quotes

It's early morning, Emma has plodded down the corridor from her room onto my lap for her morning hug. We just stay for a few minutes and hug, then I ask her if she slept well, tell her it's Friday, what our plan for day is etc.

After a little conversation I tell her we should go choose her clothes for the day and I should go shower.
Emma: "but I don't want to make a hug by myself"


In the car, we are driving back from the airport, just back from 7 days in Croatia and 3 in Geneva. Emma asks if Tata yéyé will be there. We explain that Tata yéyé, Grand-papa François, Pata and Gogo live in Geneva and that we will visit them again soon. Emma says something about them not being in our home so we ask her where her home is.
Emma: "where my other shoes are"

Emma is turning 4 on July 30th.

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