Saturday, July 09, 2011

This week's moments of joy

Joy pockets of the week - "No matter what is going on in our lives finding the little moments that bring us some joy reminds us what we are here love life" .

This weeks Joy Pockets

  • trying out a new desert recipe (poached rhubarb) and finding it delicious
  • our new painting was delivered and we love it! It is so happy!
  • long morning hugs with Emma
  • a chatty lunch on a terrace with a friend while it was pouring with rain
  • ice cold ice-tea in the searing heat
  • dancing with my kids in the morning
  • warm shower to wake me up in the morning
  • a "gentle" sleep-in (to 7am!)
  • enjoying feeling at home in Vienna


Isla said...

hi hon
Gotta love those morning hugs.

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

lovely moments for sure!

i love iced-tea too, and best during the hot weather.