Monday, July 17, 2006

Like moths to a flame

I visited again to see if there are any English speaking newcomers and also to search for a second hand car.

Checking the forum I was surprised to see a few posts labelled "Women only please". After all, mymerhaba calls itself "A community portal to make you feel at home in Turkey" but whatever...

So I posted a note saying I'd arrived a month ago bla, bla... And, to my complete astonishment, received 16 e-mails all from Turkish men asking my age, sending me links to msn/yahoo so we could chat, wanting to meet for coffee, improve their English, etc.

N.B. to those of you who know me and are already sniggering about my blondness... Please note that I do not have my picture on my profile at mymerhaba nor on my e-mail. I might be blond, but I'm not that blond!

Beyond a doubt, the golden medal goes to a man aged 41 who sent me his whole fxxxxxg pedigree!
His e-mail included scans of:

-his 1989 student card
-university degree diploma
-member's card of the Turkish Ministry of Tourism
-all sorts of certificates (ranging from language schools across the country and abroad, to a set of pictures proving he is a "Defunct member of Cave-searching Association" which made me laugh so much!)
and last but not least: a picture of him and his mates in the army titled "The Office of Chief of Staff Antalya-Turkey".

Well!!! That's putting modern technology (and community portals) to good use, wouldn't you say?

It's a shame 'cause there are probably some well-intentioned people among those who wrote, and maybe the man who kindly offered "to be (my) friend and show (me) anything I want to see" really did it in good faith - but I don't think I'm quite ready to try it just yet!


Sally said...

Ma sei inglese, turca o italiana? Comunque... Non si trova. Si fa. Devi conoscere un po' di HTML. Poco, nulla di che! Il tag si chiama marquee ed è semplice da usare... Baci...

Sandra said...

Grazie Sally! ho trovato.
Ne Turca, ne Italiana, ma un po di sangue Inglese tra altri. ;-)

Sally said...

Allora hai studiato? Il tuo italiano è perfetto... Fosse anche il mio inglese così... Comunque sono contenta che hai combinato. Non era niente di difficile, visto? Grazie per essere passata... Baci.