Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sweet dreams

We've just had our first dinner guest in our new house in Turkey!

(We actually had our first ever guest here a couple of weeks ago - a sleep-over guest no less, my good friend SdM from Geneva - which was great fun. And we're expecting you back soon with your other half!)

But today, we had our first dinner guest. And we met him here in Turkey (although he is actually French) And it was a really fun evening!

He brought some wonderful wine - been missing that here - and we even found some pork to BBQ - not easy to find in a Muslim country, but yummy. And we talked and drank and ate and talked some more.

So, it's late (past 2 am) and he's just left, and we're going to clean up so as to wake up in a clean kitchen on Sunday morning, but we're really happy! I am really happy!
Perhaps when we write or express certain things the universe does hear us! (Hey, B.B I'm sure you'll agree! ;-) )

Ok, well, time for sweet dreams now... And they will be sweet for we have met someone fun and witty, interesting and perceptive and I am grateful for that today.

I just thought I'd share that.

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