Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yugowife huh?

Ok, so maybe I should explain the name.

When Steph first came to Belgrade* with me -about a month after we got married -he kept joking about the fact that everything was YUGO-something; Yugopetrol, YUGO cars, YugoImport, you name it! It became a joke; we were walking on the Yugopavement to go to the Yugoshop to buy some Yugomilk...And that's how I became Yugowife (that and the fact that local women -mostly family- were spoiling him rotten with their Yugomanners, Yugocooking, Yugohospitality, etc.

The "desperate" bit comes from the fact that I've Limewired the whole of Desperate Housewives Season 2 while waiting for our furniture to arrive -and my downloading has been driving him nuts.

The not-so-desperate is because:
I'm trying to stay positive
I don't want to be desperate
I don't want him to think I am
Someone else has got the name Desperateserbwife and let's face it, it's way more accurate than Yugo-anything!!! But hey, I'm a nostalgic- of the day I got named Yugowife, of course! ;-)

*I was born there.


Marko said...

best of luck! I hope you'll settle in soon.

Sandra said...

Thanks for coming by and the good wishes.
BTW, I've added you to my link list... hope that's ok.

vasiljevic bev said...

Sun B, Enjoying reading again. What does Limewired mean? m-ic