Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I'm totally all blogged out.

Why, you ask? Indeed. It's not as if I've joined the Blogathon, blogging for 24 hours straight to raise money for charity. No, nothing like that. I have, however, been trying to do something for the good of many (including myself). Although it will not save lives or feed the hungry, my little contribution just might help newcomers to Izmir feel a little bit less:
to name but a few.
I have set-up a blog for newcomers to this (dare I say it?) God-forsaken city, with the aim of capturing tips, links, best ofs, warnings, recommendations (on just about anything) in one single place.

You'd think, that there would be something like this on the web, (if not at the local Ministry of Tourism. I should chase up that 41 year-old guy with the long pedigree who used to work there). After all, this city boasts a population of 3 MILLION! Not peanuts, say I! Well, nope.
Que dalle!
Nothing that is of any use to anyone who does NOT want to book a hotel, take a ferry to an Island, buy a carpet, or visit Ephesus.

So, guess what? With my growing-by-the-minute-bookmark menu of Blogger Help sites (damn right! about to turn into a total geek!) Yours truly, set herself to it. I created a Blog dedicated to Izmir. And just so you know that I'm not totally exaggerating here, let me tell you that in its five measly days of existence, Izmir Blog has been been spotted by Global Voices Online and ranked fifth in the top Turkish links of the week. (Ok, it's kind of nice, but it still gives you an idea of my situation here!)


Viktor said...

one good advice from matt cutts i have read recently:
“In general, any time you look for an answer or some information and can’t find it, that should strike you as an opportunity.”

but it seems you already knew this :)

way to go and good luck with your guide!
pozdrav iz BGDa

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