Sunday, March 21, 2010

Emma update

This week Emma has been a happy bunny most of the time, although more cuddly and attention seeking than usual and often stating that whatever food, drink or thing was "all for Emma" or that Mummy and Emma each have one.

Emma and me at the kid's hairdresser
We've been working on the sharing, applauding her when she gives some raisins or one of her mini bananas to a kindergarden "colleague" who might be eyeing her pick-up snack. She's improving, although she prefers to have complete control of the provisions and it's sometimes complicated for her to understand that you cannot really give someone your half eaten, chewed on, left-over.

Emma and her friend Nadia nursing their wounds
after an accidental collision at Kindergarden.

We're also making a conscious effort to encourage her to play on her own more and to shorten the bedtime reading/singing routine to two stories or a song. Not the easiest of things considering she currently wants more attention not less.

Her kindergarden teacher L. tells me she often talks about her "Bruder" (brother) in my tummy.
I have explained to her that doctors will help Mummy get the baby out of her tummy. I plan on visiting the clinic with her; hopefully this will help familiarize her with the place and maybe there will be some baby pics or some real live babies there too.

I wish we had a name so that the baby were more like a real person to her - and probably us too. Still, Bruder at least gives him a connection to Emma that she seems to understand and be quite happy with.

I definitely think she feels something is up though; she's interested in toys that are quite obviously meant for babies taking them from the baby's room or insisting that they are hers even when they never were. I think if she "lives" with the toys a bit, she will feel less "deprived" of them should someone else be interested in them later.

The Zopf is back!

New favorite words/expressions:
  • it's too "viticult" (difficult)
  • Come on Mummy! Let's play!
The temperatures are more spring-like and so we sat in the garden for the first time this year and decorated an Easter bouquet.

(I look the size of Perry Mason!!!)

Emma has made progress in taking off her coat and shoes nearly all by herself when we come home.

She's still not very enthusiastic about using the toilet but at least now she will tell me when she is peeing and pooing so hopefully by the time the weather becomes warmer, we will have moved forward on that one...

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