Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Picture update

Well, it's been a while so what's new?

Emma was mysteriously ill with intermittent fever but no other symptoms for 8 days until we got her on antibiotics due to
a) the pediatrician not finding anything wrong with her on the 3rd day and figuring it was a virus he recommended that we let it pass
b) Emma and I failing miserably at getting a urine sample (with one of those charming stick on baggies since she is not potty/toilet trained and me not wanting her to stop peeing forever -she would not pee with this on-)

After resolving to Emma's first blood test during which the whole of Vienna heard her yell, we were informed that there was in fact a bacterial infection of some sort (not strep) probably urinary (or ear infection) according to the aforementioned pediatrician.
The only reassuring thing is that during the whole time Emma always said it did not hurt anywhere.

Pheew! Well, she is now much better and finishes the antibiotics tomorrow. Her mood has improved as has her appetite although she is still a tad pale.

In the meantime, she has learned all the basic colors in all three languages thanks to lots of colorful balloons, questions & answers, different colored cars and books and some rhymes. She'll even ask you "Mummy what's your favorite color?" and then hand you a felt shape in the color of your choice.

Spring seems to be on its way and although temperatures have dropped again today (6°) at least the grey ceiling has lifted! Hurray!!!
Below, fresh cabbage soup and bread; this year's first terrace lunch at our favorite market.

At just over 16kg, Emma has graduated to a big girl car seat (until she reaches 36kg or 150cm or 12 years old whatever happens first).

Emma reading in her up-to-15kg car seat in the entrance hall.

Emma in her new big girl car seat

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Emma at kindergarden pretending to call Daddy at work.

Emma now seems to notice my belly. Perhaps it's because recently I have had to tell her that Mummy cannot jump or roll on to her tummy because of the belly with the baby inside.
Here's Emma with a ball under her top.

The still-to-be-named baby is kicking away as if he were on football practice 24/7. Surely he is now so big that moving around should be difficult?
Emma now recognizes when I yelp due to a kick in the ribs or ovaries and asks me if it is the "garçon" (boy).
I definitely think he has hiccups after dinner like Emma used to.
I think he is still head down but more to the right now.

More info next Monday at our week 34 ultra-sound.

I'm really starting to look forward to his arrival now that his bedroom is ready and I have passed the 70kg mark! (that means I have now put on 9kg!!!)

Less than 50 days to go! (it sounds shorter in days than in weeks...)

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