Friday, March 19, 2010

Oops! My belly has dropped!

February 10th - 10 weeks to go!

My "bump" was still high up into my ribs.

March 16th - About a month left!
I can feel my ribs again, breathing has become easier but my bladder? Ouch!


VillaJanse said...

Hi Sandra, good luck with the final week !! Have you selected a name yet? All the best, Meryem

Sandra said...

Final weekS I hope! Thanks Meryem!! ;-)
I find it's the toughest part, like you it seems, but hopefully it will pass very quickly ;-)))

No final name yet, just a short-list. We'll see once he's born.

I see you've found a name for your little girl...?

All the best to you too!