Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The moon's effect on natural child-birth

Yesterday, as Emma and I walked to kindergarden, we ran into the mother of three of Emma's "colleagues". After commenting on the fact that my belly had dropped, she asked me if I knew when the next full moon was.

Ugh, actually, no, no clue at all.

I totally had not checked that. Not for Emma, not now. But coincidentally, my ObGyn had given me a calendar with the moon cycles on my last check-up. I had stuffed it into my filofax without really looking at it. But this morning after dropping Emma off, I did.

And when do you think the next full moon is to take place?

Ta-daa - On March 30th when Steph will be in Cyprus - his last trip until May, well after the baby arrives. The full moon after that is on April 28th (closer to the baby's
actual EDD).

So I decided to check the moon cycles for the year and month Emma was born, and Ta-daa; the full moon in July 2007 was on the very day Emma was born!
It was the 9th full moon in Emma's gestation, just like the one to take place on March 30th will be the 9th full moon in this baby's gestation.

It's interesting to note that with Emma, although
I lost my mucus plug on Thursday, my amniotic sac burst mid-afternoon on Sunday July 29th, and I didn't have contractions or dilate for hours. In fact, I finally took some oxytocin to get things going and she was born at 6h09 on Monday 30th July.

Those who believe that the moon does have a role to play invoke the fact that we are 80% water and that "Under normal circumstances, the pressure of labor contractions bursts the sac. During a full moon, the pressure caused by the moon’s effect on the water inside the sac can cause the same things to happen, but without the accompanying contractions." (Source: The Moon's Effect on Natural Childbirth)

On the other hand, a 2005 study (to cite one of many) found no significant link between the moon's phases and births. But there are loads of things out there we cannot prove and that are happening anyway, right?

Last night I decided to conduct my own little search using family members. According to this calendar, the moon had no influence on the dates of birth of my sister, her kids, my Mum or on mine but was within two days of my Dad's and my husband's birth dates.

Steph says he doesn't "feel" it happening while he is away. Still, I can't say I'm totally reassured.

What about you and your babies?
Were they born around a full moon?


Janset Acar said...

I can't help since I had a C-section, Ela was born on a New Moon though ;))
...and I think you're right, many things that can't be scientifically proven are still true...but in your case I hope it doesn't happen since you'll be alone! Not nice...

V. said...

Yes, one of my two was born on a full moon!

Good luck! I hope it all goes well for you! ;-)

Anonymous said...

A few days before L's birth I went to a woman, who made some ceramics for us. She predicted L's birthdate according to her moon calender. She was exactly right. Leyla was born on the day of the full moon. Well, I hope your baby waits until your husband is back home.
Have you seen the gardening calenders and the moon cycle calenders for women. According to these many plants should be planted during specific moon phases. Hair cuts and other beauty treatments are as well best done at specific moon cycle times. I think this is interesting, but I have never paid much attention to it.

Sandra said...

Eva, was the full moon Leyla was born on very close to her due date?

30.03.2010 would be 21 days before our baby's due date so maybe a little early... it's just that right now, I can't tell. It's his call, not mine.