Sunday, April 18, 2010

2 days left but does he know it?

Well, it's Sunday morning and theoretically, baby is due in 2 days but does he know it?!

On Thursday I did my last Preggie-Pilates class and my trainer J. said she thought the baby would come over the week-end now that my Mum was going to be here. I confirmed that indeed that would be the best time since Steph and Emma and my Mum would all be around, plus the sun was due to be coming out finally!

On Friday, I had my last Shiatsu session for a while, and M. my wonderful practioner said she had a sensed the baby was ready and would be coming within 24-48hours. Yay! Indeed, the week-end was a good time, I agreed. Why not after a good night's sleep and filling brunch?

Yesterday was Saturday and apart from baby seeming unusually quiet and not moving much I could not feel anything happening at all.
We walked around the area so as to familiarize my Mum with the surroundings. We walked down to our favorite market and had coffee, bread & jam and scrambled eggs with parmesan, dried tomatoes and ham in the sun.

We played in the sand-pit with Emma and "ate" her preparations and "drank" her coffee.

We had a yummy mixed salad for lunch and a nice nap afterwards.

I printed out the address labels of family and friends so they are ready to be stuck on to envelopes when we have Gerburtskarten to send off.

I gave my Mum a map of the area and have explained to her how the coffee machine and TV work.

Late afternoon, we went to town and had cakes and tea at Café Diglas and then saw an entertaining movie before coming home.

We skipped dinner and after a brief chat, beer & nuts for some and yogurt and water for me, we went to bed for a read and a good night's sleep... perhaps our last in a little while?

Well, now it's Sunday morning and Emma is in her Gogo's bed being read to (the Gruffalo is a current favorite), Steph is under the shower and I am typing away while sipping my Vata and waiting for the oats to cook.
Baby is due in two days, but does he know it?

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a perfect day.
Smiles from Eva