Tuesday, April 20, 2010

40 weeks pregnant update

The baby heart monitoring went well (apparently the decreased movements are normal, can be due to lack of space and "le calme avant la tempête" ) As I wirite at 14h39 I still feel as if I could still be weeks away from giving birth.
A bit of an anti-climax but still, D-day is only a date and it's great that we don't control everything isn't it?

Dr.'s instructions: another heart monitoring in 48 hours (Thursday morning) should nothing have happened by then...

Wait and see!

Until then, I'm planning on enjoying the sun, my daughter, my husband and Mum's company as well as some ice-cream and the park.


Janset Acar said...

Just wanted to say good luck! Wish u an easy& quick delivery...Alles Gute!!!!

Sandra said...

Thanks Janset! ;-)