Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcome William

Well, here he is! Our perfect little boy, 51cm long and weighing 3420gr.

William was born at 4h05 this morning after 8 hours of labor. He was pretty quick to come once his head had descended and both the midwife Ulli and our Dr. K were great.

Some pics from the iPhone.

Now, I really hope that's my breakfast I hear coming 'cause I am absolutely starving!

Meanwhile, Will has already been breastfed and is sleeping peacefully...


Janset Acar said...

Hallo William!
Congrats Sandra! He's adorable! Wishing u both healthy and joyful days :)

Dorte said...

Congratulations!! I'm new to your blog, but have enjoyed following the last part of your pregnancy, and I'm happy to see he finally made it.

Anonymous said...

Finally!!!. Welcome in the world, William.
Oh how sweet it must feel to hold him in your arms. I still remember Leyla's baby breath. Nothing better in this world.
May you all have a wonderful time together.
Love from Eva

Isla said...

Hi Sandra

Congratulations what a cutie and what a great name...i hope that he is good to his mum and gives her an easy ride into second mummyhood !!

William Welcome to the world : )

Love and Hugs

J. said...

Many congratulations!

Sandra said...

Thanks J. Welcome back.
Thank-you all for your welcome wishes!