Friday, April 09, 2010

Emma's first "Freundebuch"

Yesterday as I was dropping Emma off at kindergarden, I was handed a Freundbuch to fill in for one of Emma's friends in Emma's name.

Wow! I can remember doing this kind of thing at 8 or 9 maybe even when I was 12 years old - not when I was 2,5 and couldn't read or write! Things are definitely happening
way earlier these days...

Emma's teacher L. was there and as I thanked the Mum and hoped my German would be good enough to manage this, she told me that since one child had come in with a Freundbuch, they have been popping up everywhere. Indeed... I can imagine. I opened the book and saw that L. had duly filled in a page, pic and all. Nice. And at least I have some kind of inspiration for the answers (did I mention, in German?)

It's actually a nice souvenir, if your child is about to leave kindergarden whether he/she is graduating to primary school or just moving. Also, it's a great resource for parents (you get everybody's phone number and address and it really helps put a face to a name) as well learn about kids' birth-dates, favorite activity, house pets, hobbies, favorite film, book and color, what their pet peeves are etc. (Note to self: something worth buying and doing when new in school/neighborhood again). Also, I am sure, it will be a lovely possession for a child like Emma who loves to tell me about all her friends in school.

So off I went to fill in our first Freundbuch in my best German - with a little help from a friend - and even bought our own one so that Emma can have a record of this first destination/ kindergarden. I wonder, will she still be able to speak German later, like I remember Italian, or will it lie dormant under layers of other languages and learnings. Who knows? I guess a lot depends on how long we stay here and where we go next.

Anyway, back to now for a little baby update:
11 days left until D-day!!!
I went for my last check with my gynae yesterday and it seems that baby boy weighs 3250gr and is expected to arrive at around 3,5kg (like Emma who was born at 3,450gr). He is very low - I knew that! - and heart beat and activity are all normal.
My blood pressure, urine and weight are all fine too. My thyroid meds need adjusting slightly and I've been told when and by how much to reduce them right after birth (this time) so as not to feel like the Incredible Hulk about to explode every 20 minutes (as if sleep deprivation weren't enough!).
Also, I have already scheduled my next thyroid check post-delivery.

Oh, and we might just have found a name...


VillaJanse said...

What a lovely idea ! Yes I remember also I had one, but indeed at a much later age.
Good for you that you have a name and good luck with the last days...
For me still 3 weeks to go, but I really wished the pregnancy is over NOW!! I definitely know now that baby nr 3 will not happen. What about you?

Sandra said...

Well, if you can't find a Freundebuch in Cairo (or Amazon) and would like one for Femke I can mail you one if you wish.
Yes, the last days are long - although they were long with Emma too and time seems to somehow be going by more quickly as D-day approaches. Perhaps it's just because I now know it's just around the corner -without knowing exactly when since I'm not planning a C-section- and am really enjoying my last quiet lunches with friends play moments with Emma and evenings at the movies with hubs...
We're also not planning on N°3, but you never know, perhaps in 3 years time just as I hit 40 we'll want another one, but right now, I don't think so. ;-)
Plus having a girl and a boy really leaves little to wish for! ;-))
Good luck to you too for the last weeks!